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OnStar in Action: First Responders Share Their Stories

+ See how our firefighting partners work to keep us safe.
+ OnStar Advisors are often the first link in the chain of communication for First Responders. They're highly skilled, trained in the same vocabulary and protocols as their counterpart emergency dispatchers.
+ Automatic Crash Response: OnStar responds when a vehicle runs off the road into a ravine in Troutman, NC.
+ Every second mattered when a vehicle in Paducah, KY, flipped into a creek and began filling with water. OnStar Advisors quickly directed emergency responders to the site.
+ OnStar Rescues a First Responder: OnStar was there when the director of the Condon, OR, regional 911 center needed help.
+ See how law enforcement works with OnStar to recover stolen vehicles quicker and safer.
+ See how the Fresno Sheriff's Office worked with OnStar to recover a stolen vehicle quicker and safer.
+ Stolen Vehicle Assistance: Get an inside look at how OnStar helped Beloit, WI, police recover a stolen vehicle using GPS technology.