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A powerful way to work together

A little peace of mind, in or out of our Members’ vehicles

OnStar and public safety professionals have worked together since 1996. In that time, our world has seen amazing advances in mobile technology. We can now deliver highly effective OnStar safety services through a smartphone with the OnStar Guardian™*82 app.

While the embedded OnStar system remains our preeminent way of working together, the OnStar Guardian app now allows Members and their families to have key OnStar safety services with them anywhere they go — in or out of any vehicle.

See how the OnStar Guardian app can work with you

Essential safety services that go anywhere

The OnStar Guardian app can help in a crash or an emergency — and the app is supported by the same specially trained Advisors who have defined OnStar for more than 20 years.

Help in a crash

OnStar Guardian employs Mobile Crash Response, which uses the smartphone’s built-in sensors to detect a crash. This is similar to the embedded OnStar system in GM vehicles, which uses Automatic Crash Response*3 — built-in sensors — to alert Advisors to a crash.

Mobile Crash Response — how it works

The Mobile Crash Response process

When Mobile Crash Response*83 alerts an OnStar Advisor, we contact an Emergency Communication Center (ECC). At the same time, an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor is communicating with the crash victim. The way On Star Guardian communicates during a crash depends on the operating system on which the app is running.

  • Android™*58 phones: When a crash is detected, OnStar Guardian automatically connects to OnStar. An Emergency-Certified Advisor starts communicating with the Member over the phone’s speaker or connected Bluetooth®*90 device.
  • Apple®*57 phones: When a crash is detected, OnStar Guardian automatically contacts OnStar. An Emergency-Certified Advisor will call the Member’s phone to make a voice connection.
+ The OnStar Guardian App

How we prevent accidental activations

What if someone drops their phone? Would that trigger a Mobile Crash Response? No. Here’s why:

  • The app is ready to detect a crash once a vehicle is traveling at a threshold speed or higher — for a specific amount of time
  • OnStar Guardian is designed to recognize the unique pattern of a vehicle crash
  • Extensive testing has been conducted, validating that the app algorithm correctly identifies this unique crash pattern
  • When the phone sensors detect a crash, an Emergency-Certified Advisor is alerted
  • OnStar Advisors are trained to assess crash situations and determine which ones require ECC contact — this mitigates the number of calls

Help in an emergency — anywhere

OnStar Guardian has a red SOS button. When a person is uncertain what to do in a potential emergency, it provides them with a priority connection to an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor. A Member or their family can request emergency assistance for themselves or another in need of help. The OnStar Advisor will assess the situation and determine next steps, such as contacting the appropriate ECC to handle the emergency.

Help in or out of any vehicle

Unique to the OnStar Guardian app is the ability to request help in an emergency outside of a vehicle, while built-in OnStar is there to help when an emergency strikes in an equipped vehicle. A Member or their family can engage the app’s SOS button when an emergency occurs outside of their vehicle.

Location is everything

OnStar understands the challenge that ECCs face in determining the location of a mobile 911 call. OnStar Guardian can help:

  • In a crash or emergency, getting the right help to the right location is essential
  • The OnStar Guardian app uses GPS data that provides the ECC with a caller’s location
  • This data offers more precise location information than a cellphone tower ping

Visit Our Virtual Outreach Experience

Step inside to access a variety of public safety educational content highlighting OnStar’s emergency services. Explore the virtual exhibit hall, download reference materials, stop by the Auditorium to preview the OnStar Guardian App and attend breakout sessions about Automatic Crash Response and Vehicle Location Assistance to learn how we can work together.


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