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Why choose OnStar?

Anywhere you need help with emergencies, injuries, directions, and more — Advisors are here to help day or night, in or out of any vehicle.

The OnStar difference
    • Stay in touch, even with spotty service. An available in-vehicle Wi-Fi® Hotspot can keep you connected, even when your cell phone cannot.
    • Advisors: Specially trained and ready to help in a crash, an emergency or even with finding a nearby coffee shop.
    • The OnStar Guardian® app: In your car or kitchen and on your motorcycle or a hike — we’re there to help.
    • Automatic Crash Reponse: The help you need in a crash without having to ask for it.
    • Roadside Assistance: Trouble on the road is no trouble at all.
    • Stolen Vehicle Assistance: Technology that helps get your stolen car back quicker and safer by stopping thieves in their tracks.

Everyone deserves to feel safe. We are committed to making the world a safer place, starting with our Members. See the full suite of services.

The care and comfort of a human connection

Doesn’t matter what kind of help you need, we have Advisors with the answers and connections.

See what OnStar can offer you

Whatever kind of help you need, we have a plan for you.

I wouldn’t consider buying another vehicle without [it]. OnStar gives you peace of mind.
George B.OnStar Member
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There are many reasons to have OnStar, and the OnStar Community is one of them. Learn all there is to know about OnStar and Connected Services, and get tips, tricks and troubleshooting advice.